Top SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Beginners 2020

In recent internet marketing scenario SEO is the ultimate demand in the digital marketing and key to success online and achieve great ROI.
If someone wants to start career in Digital Marketing, should to know SEO, SMO and PPC in startup. Here I came with special top SEO interview questions and answers session. Before going for the interview don’t forget the take a glance on latest questions and answers trends of SEO terms. Get ready to learn!

Basic SEO Interview Questions and Answers
Crack SEO Interview Questions

Basic SEO Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the basic SEO questions; an interviewer could ask in order to check knowledge about Search Engine Optimization SEO:
Q1: SEO Stands for?
Ans– SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization
Q 2: What do you understand by the SEO?
Ans– SEO is the set of process and technique to get better rank or position on several search engines. It’ll increase search visibility and improve Search Engine Result Pages results.
Q 3: How many types of SEO?
Ans– There are mainly two types of SEO i.e. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.
Q 4: What is On-Page SEO
Ans– It’s the process of optimizing a web site that includes website design and structure work like optimizing title, Meta tags, ALT tag, content and ensuring web-page’s can be easily indexed and crawled by search engines bots.
Q 5: What is Off-Page SEO
Ans– It is a process of building quality backlinks from high Domain Authority (DA) websites with a motive to boost the ranking of the website. Off page optimization includes various SEO steps like blog & article submission, guest posting, forum creation & reply thread, Press release submission, classified, and miscellaneous.

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Q 6: Do you know how many types of SEO techniques?
Ans– Basically there are two types of SEO techniques:
I) White Hat SEO
II) Black Hat SEO
Q 5: What are the best ways of getting a natural backlink?
Ans– There many ways that you could get natural and quality backlinks. Some of the best ways of getting a natural backlink to your website are blog posting, guest post, and article submission, blog commenting also sharing on social networking site profile.
Q 6: Name some external but key factors which impact the site ranking?
Ans– Some of the key external factors are new visitor on site, page views per visit, time spent on the website, bounce rate, and returning visitors.
Q 7: What is the difference between Nofollow and Dofollow?
Nofollow link
It is a hyperlinked attribute tell the search engine bots not gives importance or influence the link juicy and ranking in search engines.
Dofollow link
It is a kind of hyperlink which gives importance and enhances the ranking of your website as it pass link juicy as a backlink that is counted by all search engines.
Q 8: Name the SEO Blogs you read to keep updated?
Ans– SEO Blogs to keep yourself updated are:
• Search Engine Journal
• Search Engine Land
• SEO Book
Q 9: What is Canonical issue? How will you resolve them?
Ans– It is an HTML tag use to helps webmasters to prevent duplicate web page content issues by specifying the “canonical url” like <link rel=”canonical” href=””/>
Q 10: How many types of Meta Tags are in SEO and what are characters limits?
Ans– There are two important types of Meta tags in SEO:
Meta Description: 150 characters limits
Meta keywords: 200 characters limits

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