How to Rank Your Website in Google?

How to Rank Your Website in Google

All of us want to rank website in Google, agreed? Every business has its own goal, vision, and mission. But it is sure that customers are the real business makers. No one can go against their customers and none can compromise them. So the thing is that businesses target their customers to seek their needs, grab their attention and make business. This is the most important aspect of every business. This is much complicated in the case of online business.

The first thing you have to consider is online presence. It is about your website and the position of your website. When a customer searches for a particular product or service in any search engine, he ends up in a list of results. This is where your website becomes visible. There will be a lot of similar websites providing the same products or services like yours that will be available in the industry. We can call them competitors too.

For every business, it is needed to make your website visible on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). SERP is the result page that appears on searching in search engines. The higher the rank you get in SERP, the higher will be your visibility to the visitors. If you are new to this, take help from the best SEO Expert of your choice. 

As per the recent survey about Google page rank by Backlinko, nearly 32% of the visitors click on the website that tops in the Google page rank and about 78% of visitors click on the websites in the second webpage ranking. Hence page ranking is very much essential to grab the attention of target customers.

No magic can give you that position unless you dedicate yourselves to your betterment. This involves loads of patience, persistence, creativity, and dedication. There are certain things that one should follow with the above-said resources to secure the top of Google page ranking.

As per certain criteria, Google ranks your website on the google search page.  Here are some ways that will optimize your website and help to secure the top position in Google search rank.

Key Ways to Improve your Site’s Ranking

#Keyword Optimization

The keyword is the major technique that plays in google webpage ranking. First, choose your keyword by analyzing web pages similar to you and also collect some more keywords that are highly searched by the users. Use these keywords in your blog and content page to increase visibility. But too much stuffing of keywords becomes awkward and so be careful to avoid over-optimization. Use long-tail keywords along with short tail ones because in most cases long-tail keywords have lower competition compared to short-tail keywords. This is how the best SEO company works out.

#Website Performance

User experience is an important criterion for business conversions. As per the study on ranking factors by SEMrush, the most important factors that affect Google page ranking are website visits, time spent on site, pages per session, and bounce rate. These factors are related to the user experience. If your website is user-friendly, unique, and informative, then this adds up to your ranking on the google search page.

#SEO Optimized Content

Having excellent content on your site is probably the most ideal way of expanding traffic and further developing your rank. Indeed, Google itself said in a blog that having incredible and relevant content on a page is more significant for positioning than a page on a Google rank page. For optimizing your content, grab the Best SEO company and get it done.  Ensure your content is unique, rich, versatile, and advanced and also written to the niche of your main interest group, and incorporates important connections too.


This is one of the factors that contribute heavily to google page ranking. Backlinks are those links that link to your site from external sources. Backlinks from high domain authority and lower or even nil spam scores will increase your chances of ranking in web page ranking. 

#Link building

Internal links are essential for a website for smooth navigation among webpage in a website. Without this, users may get frustrated and leave early without getting served for the purpose of a visit. Both internal and external links are equally important.

Links can also be built by creating valuable content and sharing in means like social media and other such dedicated platforms. Claiming links from a diverse platform will generate google friendly links and thereby increasing Google webpage ranking.

#Page Speed

Load time is one of the critical factors in Google Page ranking. So you should be smart enough to ensure that your webpage is pretty much as quick as could be expected—both to further develop your inquiry rank and give a decent client experience.

#Image Optimization

Optimizing your pictures is very much essential to boost the speed of your website. This makes your website simpler for Google to distinguish the pictures on your site pages. Also ensure that all pictures in your webpage are pretty packed, have distinct filenames, and are also incorporated with alt text. This will definitely reduce your loading time.

#Optimize search options

Every day, quite an increasing number of individuals are using their mobile phones to look for organizations “near to me.” To work on your odds of having your business appear in the neighborhood, do ensure you guarantee your Google My Business posting and also give important content in Google Posts. Also, get your business recorded in nearby registries or directories of your local region.

Voice search is quite common nowadays. So upgrade your website for voice search. As per a recent survey, over 60% of individuals reviewed that voice search is their favored technique for posing inquiries on their mobile phones.

#Maintain proper links

Broken links may end up with errors like 404 errors. This creates an odd experience for the users and will obstruct traffic to your site. So you should fix broken or improper links then and there to boost traffic to your site. These are some of the strategies of an SEO company to rank better.

#Header tags

Header tags are a great way to showcase your key points. Use your main keyword in the header in the header tag to increase the chances of ranking. Since there is a strong relationship between headers and Webpage ranking, the Header tags should be easily readable and understandable by both humans and search engines.

#Active in Social media

Create dedicated accounts and pages for your website and share your content on social media regularly. You may think that how will it impact Google page rank. But the fact is that approximately 4.8 billion people use social media. This has the potential to drive ample traffic to your site.

Search engines like Google take into account all the related information available on the internet regarding your website. So quality content that is shared on social media also provides ample opportunities to create a business.

#Create a sitemap

A sitemap tells web crawlers about the association of your website’s content to the searches made by the users.  When a user searches for a particular keyword in the search engine, the  Googlebot crawls over the content in all the websites and produces results. Sitemap aids the content in your website promptly accessible for positioning on SERPs. You can utilize, a basic sitemap generator. Otherwise, you use WordPress or else there are a few site map generators available in the market too.

#Result Tracking

Monitoring and tracking of results are essential for website creation. You should have a dashboard to track your metrics. Metrics don’t mean only the webpage ranking, but also include total clicks, total impressions, average CTR, time span, bounce rate, etc. A continuous review of these metrics is advised as a checkpoint so that market trends can be analyzed better and strategies can be better implemented.

#Google Algorithm

Google changes its algorithm frequently. These are not announced publicly but have greater impacts. As per the estimation by Moz, Google changes almost 500 to 600 algorithms every year. There are numerous resources available about the Google algorithm updates and keep track of that to optimize your website too.

#Snippet Featuring

When a client poses an inquiry in Google Search, Google pulls information from an important site and shows it in an extraordinary highlighted scrap. Getting content into a highlighted scrap is an incredible way of expanding traffic and this will also have a connection to the page where the content is originally written. This will also increase your visibility and help in attaining a better Webpage ranking.

#Fix Google Penalties

This is a fundamental thing every website should take into account. If your site is unhealthy, then there is no use in promoting such a site and also no point in creating backlinks to that website. One should clean up your links that are unnecessary to avoid penalties. Anchor texts should be diversified and also not over-optimized.


You may think that paid resources can only make a website reach the top in webpage rankings. But even organic can do the same. It can take months to appear in the search rankings. For those who start from scratch, keyword research and high-quality content gain a greater advantage. Also, some free content marketing will help you to reach your position soon. Take the needed time to understand your target audience, identify keywords, create impressive content and then promote it. It may take your time but it is worth it. Money alone cannot buy ranks in Google page ranking but with little time, effort and strategy, you can improve your position on the Google rank page.