Will the Newest Genre Change the Future of Marketing?

future of marketing

Every business is established, keeping in mind one thing and one thing alone, and that is its success. Businesspeople all over the world try to combat everything that the business world throws at them to the best of their ability. The result of all their efforts is the success of their business.

In the present scenario, the success of every business is directly correlated to its persuasion power. The business can influence the buyer to buy its products and services.

Businesses have been doing this by marketing themselves and their products for years. All those TV commercials, billboards, discount coupons and flyers you have been receiving are marketing techniques. It is an expensive affair; a few seconds on TV can dig a whole the size of the Big Ben in your finances. Then loans without guarantor from direct lenders are taken to solve the money labyrinth the businessman finds himself in. However, what if I told you there was a way to market your products and company image that is as efficient as this but a lot more pocket-friendly? Yes, there is a way, and it is called DIGITAL MARKETING. Read to find out what all it entails.


Marketing is an age old tool used by businesses to make their presence known to the entire world. As it is known that enhancements have infringed every aspect of the world, they have also done so in marketing.

The new genre of marketing uses all digital platforms that can be accessed through internet to make the customer aware about the business and its products and services. From your social media accounts to your emails, from the mobile phones to the articles and blogs you have been reading, digital or internet marketing uses each of these to establish its presence in the minds of every user, who according to the marketer is a potential buyer.

Let us discuss these in detail.


Social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, amongst others, are the first destination of digital marketers. Facebook alone has about 2.4 billion active users in a month. That allows the business to influence at least some of them to get its sales to figure up.

The ads that you see in between Instagram and snapchat stories, the sponsored videos on Facebook are the examples of digital marketing.

How many of you have bought something after watching the Instagram story and liked what you purchased so much that you bought one for your mom as well? The answer will give you an idea of the fruitfulness of this concept.


From the time a child gets his first phone to the time he departs Earth, he is glued to that gadget. Because the businessmen understand this completely, they make use of this knowledge to their advantage.

You must have seen YouTube videos, wherein the person asks you to subscribe and click on the bell icon to receive notifications. Then, a notification would be displayed on your phone, and you will know of their latest video.

And that is how these marketing geniuses work through your phone, tablets, smartwatches and computers to have more gains. Have you received a text offering a discount from the local store? That is another example for you.


Whenever you buy something from a store or online, they always ask for your email address. Have you ever wondered why? If you ask them, they will give an answer that you may like. The store attendant would always say that it is because you are a valued customer and they want to keep you updated about the discounts, offers and new merchandise.

That is the role of email, every person in the world has one, and so the marketers are bound to use it when making the digital marketing plans.


SEO is a little tricky to understand. According to this concept, the business tries to make use of words that are the most searched on the Search Engine to make its website come at the coveted first page of results. The higher up on the search engine’s list, the more people would click and go through its webpage to get what they wanted and what the business is offering.

A simple example can be seen on Wikipedia. Have you ever searched anything on it and ended up on something else entirely by the time you were done because of the backlinks inside one page?

I was intrigued by the hype surrounding Kim Kardashian, so I searched her up on Wikipedia. Want to know what my search ended on? It ended with me knowing everything about why OJ Simpson was tried in court for the murder of his wife and her friend.

It was because Kim’s father was one of the lawyers on this case. The backlinks lead me to her family history, her father, his professional life, and the high point of the same, and then finally to the OJ Simpson trial.

The links can take you to realms far beyond you ever planned to go. And that is SEO for you, creating a pathway that will land on that buy button without you even knowing it.


In the end, all I want to say is that marketing techniques were devised to keep all businesses ahead of their game and give them the semblance of control over their turnover. This control helps them to avoid no guarantor loans and keep the business floating with surplus cash and non-existent debt.

Digital or Internet marketing helps them do the same without the extra costs and superior knowledge. Anybody can make use of the platforms used in this technique without being a professional. So, start marketing the digital way.

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