What Is Google Tag Manager?

Introduction of GTM

At first GTM was released on 1st October 2012, since then it is a very hot topic in the digital marketing era that how to use Google Tag Manager? Does it require developers to install? Should to have coding knowledge?
As an expert in the Digital Marketer – Freelancer; encountered with many clients that they get confused about GTM – Google Tag Manager, why to use, benefits of using GTM, etc. Today, come up with basic Google Tag Manager Tutorial that every SEO practitioner must know. Here in this article you will learn about the GTM, what is a tag? How to use tag manager? Why to use GTM?

What is a Tag?

A tag is small chunk of code that you need to put on your site or app to track such as Google Adwords conversion, campaign remarketing, Google’s Universal Analytics, etc.

What is GTM or Google Tag Manager?

It is a free tag management service provided by Google which allow us to manage tags on sites, mobile apps, and etc. all from our web browser. There’re more than seventy tags which can be used through the GTM.

Why you should Use Google Tag Manager?

It saves time & cost and most important it also removes the dependency on developer to deploy any code addition on the site.  You can implement any tracking code for conversion, lead generation, etc. from your web browser without any changes on the website code. So without Google Tag Manager, you will require a developer even for a small change or modify any tracking code, this will result expensive and time consuming.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Google Tag Manager?

  • GTM is 100% free; you can login here to access Google Tag Manager account.
  • It saves times and reduces cost.
  • Fully browser based, addons are available for different browsers.
  • GTM allows you to quickly and easily add, remove & update tags on websites or apps with just a few clicks
  • GTM allows to add, test, preview, debug tags code in minutes
  • Teams can use GTM’s built in version control to upgrade tags or roll back to earlier versions

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