What is Domain Authority? And How Can You Boost It?

With billions of websites available on a search engine, it becomes quite a task to make your online presence unique and high on a search engine.

Even small-scale businesses have their websites because of the changing aptitudes of the world, as this world is going to be entirely digital real soon.

Now, if you want to make your website prominent on a search engine, you need to follow some strategies; search engine crawlers consider highly optimized websites to rank on the first page.

If your website is at the initial stages, and you want to boost it to be visible to people on a search engine, you need to work on its domain authority.

You can use the DA checker tool to analyze your rival’s website’s DA score; by using this tool, you can also analyze backlinks profiles and spam scores that will help you strategize your site the same way.

If you are a newbie to all this, you first need to know about domain authority. So let’s jump right into it!

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a term introduced by MOZ; it is a ranking score used by a search engine to anticipate how likely a website will rank on search engine pages because the websites with high DA scores are considered the most authentic ones.

DA score of a website ranges between 1 to 100; the highest score of a website means highest ranking on search engine result pages.

How is Domain Authority calculated, and why is it important?

DA score is not calculated by performing any random calculation; many factors are involved in calculating domain authority score.

Some of these factors involve working core algorithms, machine learning models, and Moz’s link explorer to analyze the domain’s linking roots.

As we mentioned earlier, domain authority involves machine learning models that make the DA score of your website fluctuate.

If there is an addition of some keyword to your site that gains traffic, your site’s DA score will ultimately be increased.

Well, domain authority is significant; it portrays how a search engine sees your websites and ranks your site.

It is also important because you get the exact idea of what to change and what to adopt to increase your DA score. In the section below, we will mention some handy tips that will help you boost your domain authority and implement them practically to boost your DA score.

Tips to Boost Domain Authority

Your new registered domain will take some time to build up its authority, and you should start by taking baby steps. 

First of all, work on your website’s content, perform On-page and Off-page SEO by making your site’s content highly optimized.

You should work on your websites’ loading speed; if its loading speed is good, there are good chances of traffic, and good traffic will eventually increase your domain authority.

Though there are 100s of factors that contribute to increasing domain authority, the major one is your link profile. 

Most of the time, people measure their domain authority according to how strong or weak their link profile is. A search engine considers backlinks as the number 1 factor to rank your website, and if you use a strong link profile, you will ultimately get more traffic to your site.

Domain Authority

To make your link profile strong, it is suggested to get backlinks from high domain authority sites, and it will increase your domain authority and your page authority.

Guest posting is the most effective way to get backlinks from high authority sites, and you will exchange content for getting backlinks, the higher the domain authority, the higher your link profile.

To boost your domain authority, reducing spammy links attached to your site is suggested because domain authority is not just about getting solid backlinks.

You can remove spam links manually, and you can also use the DA PA checker to calculate the spam score on your site; this will help you boost your DA score.

To make your link profile strong, it is suggested to get backlinks from real sites because many websites available that have fake increased their DA score by selling links on their sites for a much higher price than their actual worth.

Some people are selling backlinks of expired domains, they are those domains that have good historical links, but their owners do not work anymore on these sites; people buy such domains and make them worthwhile.

Google crawlers find websites that contain backlinks from expired domains, and they never boost their DA score, so it is better to be careful while buying backlinks.

There are some factors that MOZ consider to boost your domain authority; you should consider them as well, they are:

  • Linking root domains are one of the MOZ significant factors in ranking your site on Google, to make the best use of root domains, you should get 3 different backlinks from 3 different sites instead of getting 10 from one site.
  • Your site’s user-friendliness is another important factor considered by MOZ, so make your websites highly responsive to both mobile and web users.
  • If your site structure is poor, there are fair chances Google crawlers will not boost your domain authority, so you should make your site’s structure reasonably good.

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