Module 1: Understanding Search Engines for SEO

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In the earlier post we’ve discussed about the Search Engine Optimization free online classes in the form of Videos and blogs. There will be total 10 modules of the SEO tutorial courses in Hindi and English.

Let’s dive into our first SEO module. In this tutorial, we’re will discuss understanding search engines for SEO and how it works? Before, moving ahead you may also like to check the complete SEO modules to know complete search engine optimization topics.

Basic Understanding Search Engines for SEO

What is a Search Engine?

A Search engine is a software program that allows users to search for web contents via the World Wide Web (WWW). Like on, you can see a real example yourself. For instance, when a user type a word, keywords or key phrases into a search bar, then a search engine programmed in a way to understand your query and retrieve information in form of websites, videos, news, etc.

In a simple line, search engine is an “Information Retrieval” on the basis of our searched queries.

What are top search engines?

List of Most Popular Search Engines in the World

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Baidu
  • Internet Archive
  • Yandex

How Search Engines Work?

Every search engine has own web crawlers which is commonly known as bots or spiders. Like Google Bots, responsible for crawling billions of web pages of different sites available online.

Search Engine works in process of Crawling, Indexing, Calculating Relevancy, and Retrieving information. Each Search engines have their own algorithms released by them often to decide what web pages rank over Search Engine.

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How Search Engine Index and Rank a Website?

Indexing is first process that decides how a site get ranked. By the way, INDEXING is basically a process to add a webpage’s content into Google.

For instance, you created a new page on your website and you want to index it. This can be done in a number of ways. But in a simple way, Google crawlers visit on your site and follow links and eventually add into their data server. This is a bit time consuming process!!

But there’re certain ways to tell Googlebot to indexed page faster, which will cover in upcoming post.

Search Engine give rankings of a website on the basis of certain factors like;

1) On-Page/ On-Site Factors

2) Off-Page/ Off-Site Factors

Note: These factors will discuss in details in the coming post.

What are the types of Search Engines?

There are different types of Search Engines given below:-

  • Crawler based search engines – use a bot or spider for crawling and indexing new web content
  • Human powered directories – Known as open directory, manual listings.
  • Hybrid search engines – use both crawler based and manual indexing

What is crawling?

Crawling is a process to crawl web pages which are available online of your site. It takes several days to visit on your site.

What is Indexing?

Once a bot crawl you site, the indexing process initiated. It store the webpages into a search engine database from where it can retrieved as per the searches.

Hope you like the post and found easy to understand the above terms. We love to hear you, comment your question or if you feel to suggest any topic to add in the post, is highly appreciated. Stay tuned for the 2nd Module of SEO course: Overview of SEO.

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