3 Social Media Strategy Can Help Your SEO Efforts

There has been lot of articles and posts about how social profiles, SMO and social media strategy can affect positively in the improvement of SEO, site visibility and keyword rankings.

As we know, about the much known 2014 video by the former Google engineer “Matt Cutt” refuted the idea about social indications was chunk of the site ranking algorithm. More than Bing, Google confutes that Twitter and Facebook posts are direct search ranking factors.

Let’s look at top 3 ways you can include social media platform into your SEO works to drive better results.

1. Brand Awareness or Building – Social Media Strategy

As we know, driving potential customers to purchase high value products or luxurious goods is bit lengthy process. Now days, most of the buyers are taking decisions on the basis of their online research and they quite do it well. In fact, business customers begin searching right on a social platform like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Note: Trust and Likeness are two important factors that drive people to buy business products and services.

There’re several facets in a social media campaign that help you making social brand stand out. Here’re a few things you should improve:

  • Execution of the plan that helps you brand objectives.
  • Messaging & targeting to relevant brand to support the brand promise.
  • Creating relevant community to engage people by sharing branded contests.

It is critical to companies about nurturing of their social presence as how their potential customers finds them & buy from them. So, following the developed social media marketing strategy and managed rightly, can build brand trust.

If you post valuable and useful post then target users engage with a brand well in social and they might visit to the business website multiple times. And they can also share your social post in their groups and circles.

As people find you on social profiles can also search for your brand from search engines and it will improve in your organic ranking. So, the brand awareness in social is an important move of a long term search engine optimization – SEO approach.

2. Social Profiles visible in Organic Search Results

You might have seen that sometime customers search by people’s names in rather of companies on search engines. This is the trend of doing business and this could be anyone from junior executive to CEO.

Have you notices about your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile pop up first? If it does, most of searchers will click on your page or profile. So, always keep your profile complete about your brand’s products and items. Because if the customer sees that your incomplete information, they might turn back to Google and find your competitor.

This is where having a solid social strategy, along with active and appropriate management of those profiles and pages, come in.

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What can you do for social media marketing strategy can help your SEO efforts?

  • Keep business profile completed and updated for each social network. This can be done by posting meaningful photos, videos, products information, action call, etc.
  • Know about how each social channel works and set your social profile for success accordingly.
  • Manage queries in terms of comments, messaging or search queries from fan and followers can help to build good brand reputation. Doing this can also help to increase in shares of your post, get more followers, and can generate more clicks back to your website, consequently benefitting SEO.
  • If you’re a online retailer with many locations, make sure that you’re using the location function on YouTube or on Facebook. On Pinterest, make sure to create appropriate Boards or Playlists that complement your SEO strategy.

3. Social Networks too have Search Engines

As we use search engines like Google & Bing to search any products and services, people also search within the social networks.

Optimize your social profiles with proper business products, keywords, headline, skills, etc. When users view your company profile, inevitably they will visit your site.

If you’ve done a great job with on-page SEO they will return or share your site pages, helping your overall SEO rank.

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