Ranking Signals that you need to know in 2018

There’re lots of updates and ranking signal of a site and Google has been always come up with new ranking signal that you need to know in 2018.

Let see some of the website ranking signal confirmed by the search engine year by year:

  • HTTPS become a ranking signal in 2014.
  • Mobile usability in 2015 becomes a ranking signal.
  • NOW, in 2018 – Mobile webpage speed looks very crucial for a ranking signal that all we should to know.

Below post will give an idea to evaluate and consider important factors that will be very crucial for this year. Here are the ranking factors that will really matter in 2018.

  1. Content is King – Publish High Quality Content

Publishing a high content is always been an important for ranking a site. We’ve also read on numerous blogs content is king, keep it relevant, use proper length, avoid keyword stuffing, use proper keywords frequency and prominence as well, etc.  And will remain as same in this year. So, content is always being a key factor and remain crucial for 2018 to rank well.

In short, contents that you publish, needs to provide useful information as optimized content is still holds valuable SEO power.

  1. Keep Your Web Site Mobile-Friendly

Mobilegeddon – one of the mobile-friendly update announced by the Google on April 21, which degrade the ranking of a site that does have mobile friendly. It’s not 100% affect website not having a mobile friendly and will get punished in terms of ranking, but moving to mobile devices leads to better visibility and ranking.

Google has stated that mobile version of a site hosted at m.example.com was the suggested things to do. But it has been found that many are moving away from this mobile site and building responsive design websites instead.

Important tips on making your site easily accessible on mobile devices

  • Don’t make a separate mobile-friendly site
  • Use responsive design website
  • Always include a viewport meta tag – <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-widht, initial-scale=1″>
  • Font sizes and button size matters
  • Use high-resolution images
  • Remove the default zoom
  • Use YouTube videos on your website
  1. Improve Your User Experience

You should to improve user experience of a site, as it has an impact on search engine optimization. If you ignore to work on UX, it will end up in the trash. As per the study more than 38% people will stop in the engagement with a site if they found layout is unattractive.

Just like site architecture of a website important element of user experience and has a great impact on SEO.

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