PPC Tutorial: Learn Pay Per Click Online

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” is an online advertising process which is use to drive traffic and sales by paying certain amount on specific keywords. In short, certain amount would be deducted if someone clicks on your running ads. If you’re looking for basic PPC tutorial or want to learn Pay Per Click online, then this is the right place for you!

This article will provide you an overview & all important aspects of PPC so that you can get the clear idea of different entities involved in paid campaign. Before going head, you must have concepts of marketing, analyzing products & services and audiences.

It helps in business branding & leads generation as well. Running PPC campaign can give quick results as compared to SEO as we knows search engine optimization take time of at least 4-6 months to deliver good results.

Learn Pay Per Click online and PPC tutorial advantages

  • Quick Response – it gives great traffic, branding and quick results in a short period.
  • Minimum Initial Investment – Search engines do not charge fees to sing-in and set up a PPC advertisement. The advertiser pays only when someone clicks on their running ads.
  • Globally Presence – A business can get global recognition, even if it has a small local setup.

This PPC tutorial covered the list of most common terms used in pay-per-click advertising. Before proceeding ahead you must go through about these topics.

Ad Campaign

  • There’re 10,000 campaigns you can create in one adwords account.
  • 20,000 ad groups in a single campaign
  • In 1 ad group can add 20 text ads

Ad group

Ad group can be any name or create with relevant keywords. You can add up to 20,000 keywords into an Ad group.

Ad Network

Google Adwords allows up to 6 types advertisement network till now!

  1. Search Network with Display Select
  2. Search Network Only
  3. Display Network Only
  4. Shopping
  5. Video
  6. Universal app Campaign

Learn Some Pay-Per-Click Terms

Ad Rank: Used to determine the Ad Proposition.

CTA: Call-To-Action is a term which is used for the action that you want site visitor to take.

CTR: Click through Rate calculated as the number of clicks occurs when someone sees ads.

Conversion: It can be anything like users submit forms, shopping, create account, and download files Or type of goals that we set up.

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action is the amount pay for each leads or purchases.

CPC: Cost Per Click means that you pay amount for each click on your ads.

CPM: Cost Per Mille is the amount paid for every thousands view of the running advertising.

Display URL: The link that you want to show on advert.

Destination URL: You want the user to land when he clicks on the ad.

Geo-targeting: You can choose specific location that you want run ads. It can be anything like region based, state wise, country name or pin code.

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Wrap up!

That’s all for today topics!! Will come up with remaining topics, till now learn all discussed points and keep practicing and visit for more PPC tutorial and learn Pay Per Click online.

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