OFF Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization | Off Page SEO Activities and Techniques

What is Off Page Optimization?

Off Page Optimization SEO is an off-site techniques which is used to improve the position of a keyword ranking in the search engine results page (SERPs). It is also known as link building techniques, which includes several off page SEO activities. In this post you’ll learn the complete off page SEO tutorial.

Major Off Page Optimization SEO Activities & Checklist

  1. Directory Submission

There is hundred of news said, directory submission is dead? But personally I didn’t believe in such news. I believe that how effectively we use directory submission sites. It is completely depend on your intelligence about choosing relevant categories, high authority website with good page rank.

  1. Social Bookmarking Submission

Social Bookmarking is next important way to get traffic and link building. Here same rules are applied as in directory submission. Choosing high PR social bookmarking sites list like Digg, Diigo,, Reddit, Fark, Folkd and etc. You can submit your recent article or blog posts and web pages of your site.

  1. Forum Posting

Find top PR forum posting sites related to you niche. Create new profile on forum sites, avoid posting at the beginning. There more chances for account blocking. Be regular user, participate in community, and reply to threads, question & answers.

  1. Photo Sharing and submission

There‘re lot of photo and image sharing sites, that very helpful in quality link building. You can post your business’s products and services high PR image sharing sites like Flickr, Myspace, Fancy, Photo Bucket, etc.

  1. Local Business Listings 

Depending you business industry, you can search top local business listing sites and submit your business profile. Here is also choosing right category is very crucial. Suppose you’re looking to submit business profile in India. There you may get local business website like Yellowpage, Sulekha, etc. will be great to work on.

  1. Article Submission: OFF page SEO Techniques

Article submission is one of the main off page SEO techniques which drive thousands of traffic on your sites. Before submitting your article, read the article submission guidelines like, content quality, unique content, for user interest, not for search engines, etc. You may submit your write-up on Hubpage, Ezine articles, etc.

  1. Blog Posting

This also same article submission and same rule is applied on it. In blog you can use bit self promoting words while in articles can’t. All you need to do, write well structured content, describe in smaller paragraph, use bullet points, good quality images, also use interlining etc.

  1. Business Reviews

Ask your friends, relatives, customers, clients to write a review on your business page in best business sites like Google business page, Facebook, Yellowpage, etc.

  1. Search Engine Submission

Submit your newly developed sites or pages in major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

  1. Answer and Questions

Participating in Question and Answer is also an important way to engage people about your products and services. You may actively participate in answering questions on websites like Wiki answer, Quora, Yahoo Answers etc. Answering in the relevant questions about your business will help to build up your brand reputation.

  1. Video Posting or Submission

Just like image sharing, if you have any videos related your business, then you can submit and share videos on website like Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

Some other off page seo activities like Classified ads posting & submission, Blog commenting, PPT submission, Web 2.0 creation, Profile Creation, Url sharing, PDF submission and Social Sharing.

I hope you may found this post useful.  If you’ve any suggestion to advice, please feel free to leave your questions and comments below!