5 New Updates Coming to Google Search Console

In the next couple of months, Goole is going to introduce 5 new features to Google Search Console AKA Google Webmasters and also some of the old are getting removed.

Read in detail about the changes headed for

5 New Features in Search Console/ Google Webmasters

The new features in the Google webmasters will be executed towards the end of March 2019.

Website Crawl Errors in Index Coverage Report

Previously the website crawl error had a separate section which is now you will find in the Index Coverage Report. This has been done, as Google thinks the website owner able to resolve and fix issues much faster.

Now Sitemaps Data in Index Coverage Report

Earlier the Sitemap was in Crawl’s section which is now in the Index Coverage Report.  This will also help the owners to focus on the URLs that should to work or not.

sitemap 2019

URL Inspection Tool New Features to Fetch as Google

Users can now use the new feature “URL Inspection Tool” introduced by Google to Fetch as Google to check the status of the website URL.

fetch as google

User-management is Now in Settings

You’ll find the new user management in the SETTING section which has been merged by Google. Here, you can add or remove the new user and website property as well.

Check Old Features from Search Console Getting Removed

Some of the previous features are going to removed and replaced from search console that every site owner should know.

Previous Crawl Errors report: The new crawl error report has been included in the Index Coverage report as the old one is going to be removed.

HTML suggestions: Now, users will not get the information related to the short description, duplicate title and descriptions used on a site.

Property Sets: This feature will be removed because it’s only being used by a very less number  of users. But as a replacement, Google will soon add the option of managing Google Search Console account over an entire domain.

Blocked Resources: This feature will be removed as now find in the URL inspection tool.

Structured Data reporting: Structured Data types that are not supported by Rich Results features will not be reported on Search Console anymore.

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