Mobile Search Ranking: Google Speed Update Rolling Out in July 2018

Yet another big announcement by Google, making sure about better user experiences and keeping them exactly what they are looking for. As we know, for desktop search, the page speed of a site is very crucial as per the ranking factor. So, as per the Google announcement, from July 2018 page speed of a website will be an important ranking factor in mobile searches.

Google Speed Update for Mobile

This update will call the “Search Update”, and it will affect sites are slow in loading and bad user experiences. This will not completely affect the sites, as it will help to optimize web pages of your site and also chances of sustaining rank high if the site has relevant and great content.

So, stop waiting to get rolled out of the Speed Update, start optimizing your site today. There’re certain tools available online to analyze and test web pages loading speed. You can check with Google PageSpeed insights, Lighthouse, Chrome User Experience Report and GTmetrix that will provide real based results.

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