Learn Google Analytics Step by Step

Do you have a website and need to set up the Google Analytics to track the performances of the site? Using GA, can help you to measure all the actions on your web site like clicks, submit inquiry form, reviews, page views, it could be terrifying if you’re new in it, but as much complicated to learn. All you need to have some basic knowledge of its terms.

In this post, we’ll share how to set up a Google Analytics and also track the conversion step by step.

Many of the people think, Analytics are tools that a professional could illustrate well. However, we’re here to help you that using Google Analytics not so complicated and confusing. Thanks to have free tools where you easily set up, learn, track and execute a better plan as required for the business.

Let’s start!!!

Create a Google Analytics Account

Here are basic steps to follow to setting up & running with GA

Step 1: Create a Google Account

In order to practice GA, you need to have a Google account. If you already registered with Gmail, Google Drive or YouTube, then you can also create with the same name. Otherwise, you’ll need to see here for new account creation.

Step 2: Sign Up for Google Analytics

The second step that you’ll need to sign up for the new Google Analytics.

Learn Google Analytics

See the upper right hand and click on the “Sign in”, then after, you’ll get a drop down list. Just select the Google Analytics. Now click on the “Signup button”.

Sign up

You’ll be see on the next page, select “Web site” and fill in your details, including Account Name, Website Name, Industry, URL and Time Zone.

New Account Detail

Tracking Code

You will then be asked to accept the Terms of Service.

Accept it

After you click on “I Accept button” you will be brought into your new Google Analytics account.

Step 3: Start Tracking Your Website

Inside your new GA account, you will see your Tracking ID and UA (Universal Analytics) tracking code. There are various different ways of setting up your web site with Google Analytics, some of which use one of these codes.

tracking code

If you have a WordPress, you can copy & paste tracking code to the header section of the website. Go to the theme> editor> find header.php put the code before the closing </head> section of the page. If some have another platform, they should have put on each and every page of the sites.

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