List of Free Infographic Submission Sites to Promote Your Contents 2020

Infographic submission sites are the great way to convey the messages in visual, chart or diagram. As per the study, it has been found that visual contents more easily consumed by an audience and it is easy to understand. So, you can use our list of infographic websites to enhance business presence online.

As there are n number of SEO content strategy to bring or hold user’ attention online. But, following the same tactics and path for a very long period, could make people less interest in your contents, products or services. So, always look for something unique and different way of presenting your business, like Infographics submission sites does.

It’s considered as one the most powerful tool to use for retaining the user interest in your creations. If you don’t have such websites, here in this post we are providing you the best infographic submission sites list 2020 that can boost you SEO work and performances.

Before moving ahead, let’s check;

Importance of Infographic Submission Sites List

  • Visual message makes more interesting and interesting
  • Boring or complex content can use as visually for more engagements.
  • Message remembering advantages in users
  • People live visual forms
  • Helps to increase website traffic

Key hack: You should need to understand intent of the users to create extra interest.

Here are some questions that you need to know before working on visual submission sites.

What is infographic submission?

It is the process of submitting graphics you made about your content on free or paid infograhic sites.

Where can I post infographics?

You can post on many sites as you want. But some are accept as free or paid. Also they would check quality of your presentation.

How do you create an infographic?

There are various online tools that you can use to make an infograhic. You may hire freelance graphic designer or hire a team for make designs.

Once you have a visual design, then it’s the right time to spread you creativity by publishing on the top infographic submission sites.

List of the Best Infographic Submission Sites

Visually infographic

It is from the top ten free infographic submission sites list. If you don’t proper budget or want do experiment, then this the best site for you. Here you can create and manage your design, it’s very easy to work. So, create an account and try yourself today!


Flicker is specially created for designers and photographers where they can share works. Here you can publish inforgraphics but can’t create new one.

Infographic Reviews

This is the best info-graphic submission site on the internet, because here you can post infographics and get reviews on it as well. So, publishing on it lets you to gather public reviews about your work which is very crucial for your designs and contents.

Infographic Journal

This is not as simple to above one to register an account and publish. Nope, but it is a platform where you can showcase your best infographic. You need to send visual for review and before publishing they’ll check quality of designs.

As this one is one of the most popular infographic site, they charge 25$ for publishing the graphics on the same day.


Its ranks on search engine among the best infographic submission sites in the world. Here user can publish their documents, PDF, presentation either publicly or privately. So, it is also recommend as a powerful place to post your infographic.

Other Top Infographic Sites List

Reddit Infographics:

PageRank: 8

Above link is the sub-Reddit for links to submit info-graphics. You can make submission like other social bookmarking, after submitting get more and more votes to make it to appear on home page.

Flowing Data:
For direct Submit Infographics here

PageRank: 7
Visit here contact to send your submission request. Don’t hesitate to share or provide links instead of attaching large files.

Mashable Infographics:
PageRank: 6

GOOD Infographics:

PageRank: 6
join their web site and click on add to this topic link.

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Cool Infographics:
Submit Infographics
For direct request:
PageRank: 6

If you’d like to submit an infographic, then send a link to the original online.

Daily Infographic:
Submit Infographics
PageRank: 6

This one is paid infographic submission site that charges once their writers approved the sent inforgraphic link.

I love Charts:
Submit Charts
Suppose if someone like you have an infographic that is more of a chart, this site may be best for you.
New user can register here
PageRank: 6

Best Infographic Submission Sites List
S No. Infographic Sites Page Rank
1 5
2 4
3 4
4 4
5 4
6 4
7 4
8 4
9 4
10 4
11 4
12 4
13 4
14 4
15 3
16 3
17 3
18 3
19 3
20 3
21 3
22 3
18+ Free Websites to Submit Infographics
S No. Infographic Sites Page Rank
1 3
2 3
3 3
4 3
5 3
6 3
7 3
8 3
9 3
10 3
11 3
12 3
13 3
14 3
15 3
16 3
17 3
18 3
19 2

Did I miss any of your favorites infographics sites? If so, please let us know in the comment section and enjoy promoting!

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