Some Important SEO Terms Beginners Should Know

Written by Monazir Ansari

Do you have website and need to optimize your website? Facing difficulty in understanding about SEO Technical terms? Don’t worry here I came with some important SEO terms beginners should know and it will help you to learn how to optimize websites.

SEO Terms Beginners Must Know

Attribute or ALT Tag: Always use ALT tag whenever you use IMAGE on websites. As we all know search engines read only alt text of images.

Anchor Text: It contains link on the text about related web page information. Anchor text helps what you’ll see if you click through and also it helps search engines about the destination page.

Blog: A blog that’s highly recommended in 2017. It’s a place where you can publish your content regularly. Keep it informative and user catchy, it could be from your industry, events, products or services. Make sure to keep blog within your main domain.

Bookmark: Better known for Social Bookmarking, a link or something bookmark in your browser or computer. Social bookmarking sites like and use to save links and share each other. Crawlers gives preference when it found on different social bookmarking sites and useful for users.

Canonical Url: Canonical tag is use in web page’s header section. i.e. <head></head> simply uses a new rel parameter. For example: <link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

Must read how to implement canonical errors fix

Directory: It’s a way to submit your site to a high authority sites like Dmoz and Yahoo directory, it helps to gain traffic and user find you.

Domain: Search engine gives ranking importance on domain age. So, it’s good to renew your ownership of domain.

Headings: Use most important keyword with heading series. Place it with H1 followed by H2, H3.

Inbound Link: Getting link from other with that has a high domain and page authority will improve ranking.

Internal Link: Internal linking should be done very precisely, can be use as a link from one page to other on the same site, like from your main page to your products or services page.

Indexed Pages: Keep regular check your web pages index status.

Keyword: A word that a user enters in search. Each and every webpage should be optimized with the goal of drawing in users who have searched specific targeted keywords.

Traffic: Generate genuine traffic to your website; focus on ethical way to increase traffic.

Title: It’s simple to use, just focus on Google guidelines. Keep it informative and keyword targeted title. Place it in head section of the website and enclosed in a <title>Top SEO Technical Terms</title>

URL – It’s web address of your web page. Keep it simple, avoid using special characters. The web page URL should be like (

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