Important Factors for Creating a PPC Campaign

Here I’m come again with another PPC tutorial and in this post you’ll learn about the important factors for creating a PPC campaign. If you visited first time, don’t forget to see the previous PPC tutorial for beginners. Start from basic level!!

This can be the second chapter for Pay Per Click class, and you’ll get keyword research strategy, keywords types, PPC setting location & languages for a successful PPC campaign.

Building a Keyword List for PPC Campaign

The basic steps of building a keyword list are:

  • Create a basic list (Seed List) of usual business terms
  • Expand the list using keyword research tools
  • Refine the list of keywords

You can use the given target model for keyword research & building an impactful keyword list.

Important Keyword Research Tools

There is lot of free and paid Keyword research tools help you to make the list of keywords in most relevance of the seller’s products and services. All these tools suggest great variations of the words from which you can select the convenient one.

Let’s see these tools:

  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner : Recommended by the experts
  • Word Tracker
  • Keyword Discovery
  • SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tools

PPC Keyword Match Types

Pay Per Click Keyword match types determine how closely a customer or user query matches with the keywords allocated by the advertiser.

The keywords are matched irrespective of their case. That is, “learn ppc”, “Learn PPC”, and “LEARN PPC”, all are treated the same.

The following shows the keywords match types from broad match to narrow match:

Broad Match Keyword: Men’s shoes: buy men’s shoes

Modifier Keyword Broad Match:



Work same as: Shoes for mens

Phrase Match: “Keyword”: “Men’s Shoes”: Shoes for men

Exact Match: [Keyword]: [men’s shoes]: men’s perfumes

PPC – Setting Location & Language

Demographics of Users: Most important in running PPC campaign

For getting higher number of impressions, more CTC, and in turn higher return on investment (ROI) from the PPC ad, you need to analyze the target locations beforehand.

A target market can be segmented on the basis of:

  • Geographic location of users
  • Language of users
  • Demographics of users

User demographics are an important factor while targeting an industry or a market. It includes gender, age, income, marital status, literacy, occupation and lifestyle of the ad recipients.

You should need to consider the following demographics while creating an ad:

  • Gender: Male and female users react differently towards consumer products, services, shopping, jewelry, magazines, etc.
  • Age: Users’ needs and demands change with age group.
  • Income: Users’ affordability varies depending upon their income levels.
  • Occupation: Users’ occupation affects their lifestyle which in turn affect the product or service they opt for.
  • Marital status is an important factor. Experts say, single buyer buys a specific product more frequently than those who are married. Also, married people are inclined to pay more prices.
  • Literacy: Awareness and comfort level of the users with handling internet activities affect PPC ads and in turn the seller’s business targets.
  • Lifestyle: The acceptance of a product is highly driven by the user’s day to day lifestyle.

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