How to Increase Organic Search Traffic to your Blog and Website

Friends, in the current era everyone wants to make their own blog. Everybody wants to earn money online, and there is nothing wrong in that. In this young age you must have seen that there are thousands of people who earn millions of rupees per month easily online.

If you also want to earn online then you can start your own blog. To start blogging, you just have to choose a good topic about which you have a lot of information that you can share with people.

Like I said above, thousands of people run their own blogs, but do you know that only a few of them get success? Friends, I am saying this because a lot of people make blogs but soon get frustrated and quit blogging.

Main reasons to quit blogging!

Let’s see what are the reasons that many of you stop blogging.

  1. Poor content.
  2. Not able to engage website visitors.
  3. Low web site visibility on search engines.
  4. Not able to meet users’ query.
  5. Low organic traffic.
  6. Poor website structure and navigation.
  7. Less provided information, etc.

If you have a blog and do not have traffic on it, then today I am going to tell you how you can easily bring organic traffic to your blog. You should read the things that I am going to tell you carefully and because I had followed the same path in the previous companies. And believe me, all these things helped a lot in increasing organic traffic of different projects.

How can I get real organic traffic on my blog for free?

SEO: Most favourite tactic to increase site traffic

To increase the organic traffic, all of you have to work on SEO which is called as search engine optimization. It is all about getting keywords ranked on major search engines by implementing traditional methods of SEO on your blog.

Main traits of search engine optimization 2020

On page/ On-site SEO

Off page/ Off site SEO

While optimizing an article or a blog, you must have to take care of meta data, titles, meta description, keywords used in the article, url structure, targeted keywords, etc.

If you’re a starter you may refer basic understanding of SEO, which will give you proper insight of search engine optimisation.

SEO friendly content

Like we all have heard that content is considered as king in generating organic traffic on any web site. The best of example of content marketing that you are reading this article today, where you are being told how to bring organic search traffic or how to increase traffic on your blog.

Making Search engine friendly content requires to follow certain steps depending on your niche such as keyword research, competitive analysis, content development, etc.

Increase Organic website search Traffic by using Question related keywords

As said above, content is king for every site’s owners. So, finding content ideas for your blog is quite tedious task. Agreed?

Ok, this point is especially for those who just started doing blog and do not have much ideas to create content for their website. I’ve practiced this and it helped me in increasing organic website traffic free.

So, here’s hack that I used for many sites like – researched several questions related queries asked on Quora and Google Question hub buy potent users. You can also find out some questions related to your niche. Suppose, if you’ve a technology or computer related blog you may make a list of questions like how to install and uninstall windows 10, how to format windows, etc. and develop article on the same as these search have more chanced to get rank on Google.

Post regularly – Google loves new and updated content

If we consider the expert, it is said that we should post regularly on our blog. By doing this, there is a possibility of getting keyword rank on search engines and Google likes new content. So, it’s recommended to maintain the blog post frequency. Just you have to find some content ideas related to your niche and develop with targeted keywords.

Ethical vs Unethical SEO

Yes, it is true both are in practice in the modern internet marketing. But it is highly recommended fro beginners to practice ethical search engine optimization which also termed as white hat seo.

See, we do not want that whatever we are working on for our blog gets washed away by using unethical seo which is also known as black hat seo. You may also refer to types of SEO for detail understanding of White and black hat seo.

Email Subscribers

It does not matter whether your nature of business is ecommerce, service provider or a blog through Email marketing, you can reach to your website visitors to revisit on your new and fresh content. This will lead to make content more sharable and indirectly increase organic traffic ratio.

Social Media Promotion – Focus on organic engagement building

Since the social media evolution whether it is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. these are playing vital roles in the brand building. When it comes, how to increase organic traffic to your website, utilizing proper social media strategy also helps brand recognition in the crowd.

Link Building in SEO

I kept it in the last because a lot of people don’t like link building. But you make sure that link building is still one of the recommended strategy to increase website traffic. All you need to find out sites which are relevant to your niche with high reputation.

Note: Guest post and broken link building method are quite ethical way to practice!

Conclusion: I hope you liked our post and sure this would help you getting great response in generating organic traffic on your blogs. If you have any doubts or question please feel free to ask in the comment section. Be a YouTube family member by subscribing our official YouTube channel for more updates!!

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