Learn How to do Competitive Analysis of Websites

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have or which industry you’re in. Analysis of competitor website let you know about key areas where others are lacking. Before checking how to do competitive analysis of websites, let’s know about definition of competitive analysis and why it is important to research competitors?

What is Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis or research is the process and marketing strategy to collect information of other organization’s strong and weak points to identify the opportunities and stand among the competitors.

what is competitor analysis

Why research competitors is important for a business?

Everyone wants to get success, don’t’ you? So, keeping eye on rival companies through competitive analysis gives opportunity to stay one step ahead in the business with the help of information and strategies that others are doing for growth.

How to Conduct Your Competitive Analysis

Identify Your Top Competitors

No matter whether you have international or national business, in every aspects conducting a competitive analysis is always important for a business growth. You can start with making a list of top five or ten competitors who are doing well and have better online reputation & presence.

You can use search engines to identify your competitors. Just type the name of product or service you are offering, the search engine results page (SERPs) will show up top ranked competitors.

There are also other tools available online to identify competitors like Ahref, SEMrush, Alexa, etc. But, these are paid and offering free trial to learn how tool works.

Content Analysis of Competitor

Second step, analyse the content strategies of the competitors you’ve discovered. Analyzing the types for content that they are actually creating like blog, articles, tutorials, how to do content, case studies, tips and techniques, etc. would help to overtake your competitor over the internet.

Make a proper plan and schedule for updating contents, blog posting, video making, etc. Increase the frequency of posts as per the requirement and focus on the things that your competitors are doing and you won’t.

If your rival firms posting two or three blogs in a week compared to your one blog, it is recommended to increase the frequency of publishing blog. Not just for the sake of adding content, always remember to understand the customer’s need and delivery that they are searching for. However, adding more content in the blog or article is not going to engage prospects users until visitors would find it something unique and more relevant than others.

Conduct SEO analysis of Competitors

Yeah, you read it right! SEO considered as one of the powerful tool that could make your business presence in top over internet from nowhere. Every business having SEO works and competing online to secure top position over Google or Bing.

If you want success online, conduct SEO analysis of your competitors. It would help you to start working on Search Engine Optimization of your site. Below are the some basic structure that you need to know before conducting competitor’s analysis of website.

  • Title and Metal Title
  • Meta Description
  • Site URL structure
  • Keywords in content
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword placement
  • Heading series like H1, H3, H3, etc.
  • Images
  • Internal linking
  • Alt text
  • Anchor text

Note: Check the keywords that your competitors are already ranking over search engine.

Check Social Platforms of Competitors

No doubt, Social Media Marketing booming in the modern generation and every organization using social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. precisely and effectively. These networks let you interact with customers and users by share content, offers, services, etc.

So, analysing the competitor’s social media platforms help you to understand what your rival organization are doing on such networks. What kind of content they are posting? What are the strategies applying to engage and retain fans?

Examine Competitors Paid Advertising Strategies

Considering the paid marketing strategy by competitors, also an effective way to compete with them. Search about your service or product and see the resulting showing up in top like:-

This would help you to know, how your competitors are aggressively investing on paid marketing to reach prospect users.

Check Remarketing Strategy

Re-marketing strategy always works for every business and industry. Suppose you’ve 30K monthly visitors and only 2% of them are purchasing or buying your items.

What about the remaining users?

How you are going to peach them? Or,

How you would entice them to revisit on your website?

Your competitors already knows the above questions. Do you? Yes of course you know now! So, always check your website visitors and monitor their behaviors and pattern of engagements. Once you’ve done, make a remarketing advertising with a perfect message and offer that would lead to convert them into your buyers.

Always Discover Areas for Improvement

Strategy is a thing which gives you a proper analysis of marketing and users interest. With the help of new analysis, would help to understand new ideas and areas for improvement. So, keep your eyes on competitors and stay a step ahead in every aspects to meet your desired goals.


That’s all for today, hope this article would help how to conduct competitive analysis of a website. In case if you’ve any question or I missed any topic to mention then you can comment below or send mail.

Stay tuned for more, and keep learning….!

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