How to Create a Goal in Google Analytics to Track Conversions

Are you a beginner in Google Analytics or Webmaster? Do you want to learn about the Google Analytics? If yes, then is the best platform to enhance your webmasters skills. If you have a site and want to track all user activities and interaction on the website in the form of clicks, page views, inquiry submission, products order and etc. then you’ll need to setup and verify a Google Analytics tracking code by placing it between opening & closing head tags. Once you verified, you can create goals in analytics. In this tutorial, we’ll let you know how to create goals in Google Analytics.

What is Goal in Google Analytics?

A goal is a task by which you can set up to track the user interaction on your website. This could be in any form either a single click on your site, making an order, file downloads or filling inquiry form. Whenever a visitor performs any action that you’ve created as a goal, Google Analytics tracks the records as a conversion.

Let’s start to learn how to set up goals in Google Analytics.

How to Create a New Goal in Google Analytics?

  • Sign into Google Analytics account
  • Select the site for which you’d like to create a new goal

admin panel goal

  • Click on the Admin and see the next interface
  • Check view column and click on Goals
  • Click on +New Goal button to create a goal

new goals

  • Now you’ll be prompted to select a Template or custom way for Goal setup

Template or custom goal

  • Check custom and click for continue
  • Fill the Goal name in description area

You’ll get 4 different types of the goal to choose:

  • Destination: You can select this type of goal if you like to treat a page-view as a website conversion.
  • Duration: You can also measure visitor engagement by treating time spent on a page as a conversion.
  • Pages/Screens per session: This is another way to assess user engagement. You can track the number of page-views per session as a conversion.
  • Event: You can treat user interaction like download a file, form submission, button click, video download as a conversion.

You can name it as per your need, let suppose you want to track your website users to fill an inquiry form. To do this manually, let’s give the name of your goal as Fill form, and choose the Destination type. Don’t forget to set a thank you page on site that should be prompted once the form is submitted by a user.

Click continues for further step!

thank you

Place a thank you page URL or destination link. In most of the case, thank-you page is the best to enter in. Do not enter the full URL, give the URL key just after the root domain of your site. Now you’ll be asked to enter the destination URL. In our case, it’s the thank you page URL. Let’s leave the Value option as it is shown. You can turn on Funnel if it is required for your conversion tracking.

You may also click on the Verify this Goal link if you want to track how often this goal would have converted on your data from the past seven days.

Click Save.

That’s it!

You’ve successfully created a goal in GA.

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