How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Basic Guide

You’re here that means you want to learn “How to create a Facebook Business Page”, right? Facebook gives great opportunity for every business to grow brand awareness and generate leads and definitely increase ROI. Here, you’ll going to learn step by step guide for Facebook Fan Page creation. Also, on the request of our readers, we are going to begin a complete Facebook tutorial videos for beginners and advanced. So, stay connected!

Have you ever wondered why the top organisations in the world created a Facebook business page? Stay tuned to know, we’ll publish the importance of Facebook for business growth in our next post.

As we all know, whether a small business and renowned organization, they all are using essential features of social media to reach potential users and customers.  So, don’t miss the opportunity to use the power of social platforms.

Let’s back to learn how to make a business page on Facebook

Here, we’ve provided the basic guide to create a Facebook business page the right way.

So let’s get to it!

1) To create a business page, you must have a Facebook page. Anyone can have an account on FB, it’s free!! Login at  and create a new account.

2) Once you registered, fill the information like Name, mobile number, email id, etc.

3) Click on “Create” on the right side on your personal logged in account.facebook business page

Select the page to create.

4) Once to clicked, Facebook would ask you to select “Business or Brand” and “Community or Public FigureSelect Facebook Business page or community

5) In order to create a Facebook business page, click on get started as given the above image.

6) Give the name of your page and choose the page category carefully. Don’t use any keyword as your business name. Many of the users think using keyword for the same helps in organic search, which is completely wrong.facebook

7) Upload a business logo or profile image or you may skip to add later.

8) Add business cover photo, this can also added later. But Facebook recommends adding early, as this would help you to get more likes and visits.

Check the Facebook images size to use for your business page, ads or personal profile. 

Now, it’s to time to fill complete information about your trade.

Again it is recommended to add business logo and cover photo which makes you stand unique in horde.facebook logo

9) Use your business name in the “USERNAME”, it help to get ranked when someone searched your business name over search engines.

Go to the “About” section, where you need to file information like;




Business info:

Edit Start date

Edit business type

Contact info:

Enter phone number

Enter email

Enter website, if you have.

More info:

Edit About

Edit Impressum

Edit founding date

Edit Awards, if you have

Edit products

Add menu

Edit privacy policy

Note: You can also add other as a team member for your Facebook business page

Important tabs in a Facebook Fan Page that you must know

Page: Here you find the latest posts published on a fan page, About, Photos, Reviews, Videos, Community, Contest, etc.

Inbox: You can check, messages sent users and customers.

Notification: You can see page notifications such as likes, comments, share, etc.

Insight: This will give you whole and sum user engagements on your Facebook business page like actions on page, page views, page likes, reach, etc.

Setting: This is the most important section to handle a facebook fan page. You can select the page visibility, page posts restriction, messages allowance, age restrictions, page deletion, merging two pages, etc.

Note: You can also select the layout of your page in a way like.

Now it’s time to say your Facebook Business Page is created!

Congrats! You’ve officially created a Facebook business page! Hopefully above guide was helpful to you.

Stay tuned for the complete Facebook tutorial videos.

Don’t forget to share your inputs, we really appreciate to hear your.

Stay ahead in learning and caring…!

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