How to Become an SEO Expert, Specialist, and Analyst in 2020

Looking for how to become an SEO expert or specialist? Yeah we understand and that’s the reason you are here! Right?

How to Become an SEO Expert

SEO in these days great in-demand as there are lots of reason to welcome and choose as a core professional career which is already picked by the million around the world.

In order to become a professional and master in any field require a full dedication, commitment, eager to gain knowledge, keep updated with new updates, timely skills enhancement with new trends and technology.

For example, if a person love poems and memorised few of them by reading books and online that does not make him/her a pundit of poems. So first research, read, learn, understand, practice and then execute.

Like other professions, you cannot become an SEO expert overnight. You will require to put a proper time with full devotion to learn new things in SEO. It is also one of the competitive field where you need to compete with others who are already doing search engine optimization for decades now.

So, are you ready to go…….?

Here are 10 tips to help you to become an SEO Expert in 2020

1) Learn Basic Fundamentals of SEO

No matters how the thing is big, complicated, tricky or laborious especially for a beginner. It’s not an easy task to cover up in a short period of time. Whether you going to learn about SEO, Web Development, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, App Promotion, etc. they all have some basic fundamentals which need to know at the very beginning.

Similarly for SEO you need to identify some things like:-

  • Learn about user’ intent, what they want, search, expect and then develop types of content accordingly.
  • Discover how search engines actually work.
  • Figure out some basic HTML coding and tags required in SEO.
  • Get to know about available tools and techniques required to optimize sites.

Knowing these stuffs will help you get in more depth knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and make your work progress more effectively.

2) Create your own Website

Creating your own website is one of the best way to practice and implement the things you learn the basics of SEO.

Practice Makes Perfect” you may have heard or read at several places the more you practice, you’ll get better and better. So, start doing SEO for yourself by building a website related to the niche you like the most.

What you’ll get;

It will help to understand about HTML tags like how to use title tag, keywords, meta description, alt tag, image title, internal link building, headings and sub-headings.

3) Create your website with Popular CMS like WordPress

WordPress has been an ultimate, convenient and the best tool to use for websites building in the world. In fact, one-third of sites are made with WordPress in the world wide.

So if you want to see yourself as an SEO expert, you need to learn how wordpress work and the plugins required to improve the performances and functionality of a website.

Things you need to build a website:

  • Book a domain from Godaddy, Hostgator, Bigrock, Bluehost, etc.
  • Buy a hosting plan in order host your site.
  • Install WordPress CMS tool to makes changes in content, pages, other things.
  • Install important plugins like Yoast for SEO to improve organic traffic.

4) Learn How Search Engines Work

In order to rank your site, first you need to understand how search engines’ algorithm works. There are certain factors like quality content, relevance, search intent, and much more of every search engines that decides ranking of a website in the SERPs.

You may also refer the post “Basic Understanding of Search Engines for SEO” which will help to learn in more depth.

5) Understand Google Analytics and Search Console

Like said above, if you want to become an SEO Expert, you’ve to enhance your skills by learning different tools and techniques to optimize sites. Most of the SEO Pros use such tools to optimize content, find key areas to improve and measure the effectiveness of ongoing work.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console (Webmasters, called earlier) are tools that every SEOs should understand the major aspects to figure out the things critical for a site.

Google Analytics: let you know to measure website performances and reporting.

Google Search Console: help you to check your website health and key messages from the Search Engines.

6) What is EAT in SEO and why you need to understand it?

EAT stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust search quality metrics created by Google in order to give its searchers and customers most authoritativeness & trustworthiness brands or companies in the search results.

Expertise: You can say like having depth knowledge and skills in a particular field. Let say you are talking about SEO and you’ve described on your site, what is SEO, how it works, who requires SEO services, and many more, in a way Google find your website demonstrated with higher level of expertise.

Authoritativeness: Here you can describe about yourself, what actually you are! You can use to show your professional title, short bio, photo, etc. these leads to gain the trust of your site visitors.

Trustworthiness: It is the moment where people start trusting on your contents provided online. You can show trust on your site by having contact information, business page, about-us, team member pictures, terms & condition page, HTTPS on your site, etc.

For an ecommerce company “trustworthiness” it is very important to build online so that users don’t hesitate to make payment without having any second thoughts. So you need to be transparent, accurate about your services, trustworthy information, etc. with the users.

7) Build your personal connections

Nobody can say and claim of having 100% knowledge of search engine optimization. There are hundreds of new updates announces at different level. Like other person in internet marketing industry are great in the content marketing and strategy but not good enough in the technical stuffs of SEO.

Similarly, you also need help from someone in the industry you’re in. So share your expertise and experiences with your team in order to gain knowledge.

You can start building your network/connections by using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Note: Knowledge is not about only take and take, it’s give and take!

8) Add new skill sets in your expertise

There are lots of skill sets which would help to become an SEO expert in no time. So always looking to learn and grow your skill set.

You may start leaning with content copywriting, web hosting & development, basic video editing, or even graphic design.

Learning new skills gives give you opportunity to show yourself as an important resource for a company.

9) Join Digital Marketing Groups on Social Platforms

There are hundreds of ready-made groups and networks that you can join and share your queries, expertise, etc. Do not restrict yourself to link into your domain only, also see groups related to content marketing, creators, influencers, social media promoters, and many more, it would help you to aware about the top trending news and skills in the internet world.

10) Do not lose patience

Patience is a key weapon for doing any work. Like I said earlier in this post, becoming an SEO expert and professional takes time. Just follow the described points and it would be really worth and rewarding, if you give time with passion and dedication to achieve your desires.

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