Top Google Analytics Questions & Answers

If you’re a digital marketer and going for a senior level interview, there’re most possibilities to ask basic and advanced Google Webmasters and Google Analytics Questions & Answers. Here we collected the most comprehensive Google Analytics Questions and Answers that commonly asked in the interview.

Top Google Analytics Questions & Answers for all time

What is Google Analytics?

It is a free analytics software used to track the traffic and popularity of a site. This is one of the important platforms which is provided by Google that helps digital marketers to track site reports.

  • All you need to set-up an account with Gmail email id, once you verified the account you’ll get and tracking code, which needs to place on the website. Once you paste the code into the website, you can track the performance of your site in different norms e.g. user’s engagement, conversions, and visitor’s flow.
  • Learn how to set up Google Analytics Step by Step

How many categories under the Report Section in GA?

There are five categories under the report section like

  • Real-Time
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions

What is Real-time?

Real-Time in Analytics defines the number of visitors right now on a specific page of the website.

What is audience overview in Google analytics?

The Audience in Analytics tells about a complete overview of the site like sessions, users, page views, pages/session, average session duration, bounce rate, % new sessions, etc..!

Define Acquisition report?

Acquisition reports will give you about how users visit on your website. The acquisition is divided into several sub-categories like Overview, All traffic, Adwords, Search Console, Social, and Campaigns.

How to use Behavior report?

Behavior reports tell you more in-depth about the site usages in several sections like Overview, behavior view, site content, all pages, content drill down, landing pages, exit pages, site speed, site search, events, etc.

What is a conversion in Google analytics?

Conversion report gives you a brief analysis of created goals, eCommerce, overview, product performances, sales performance, transactions, Multiple-channel funnels, etc.

What is Session in GA?

A session in Google Analytics start when a user visits a site, and it will last for the 30 minutes even the visitor do not do any activity.

If there change in the source, the new session starts like if someone visits on site from organic search, the first session is started and same visitor visit on the same website from pay per click then a new session will start.

What do you mean by KPI in GA?

It’s Key Performance Indicators that helps webmasters to analyze sites on basis of different objectives like Users, Sessions, Average Time, and Bounce Rate.

What is Bounce rate?

The bounce rate is very crucial for any website; the high bounce rate means the visitor on the site is not interested in the website or found irrelevant things that actually they looking for. Once a user visits the website and leaves the site without any interaction on other pages of the website, the bounce rate gets calculated.

What is the optimal bounce rate for a site?

A good bounce rate is less than 30% for websites.

What is Pageviews in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, a page view is tracked every time a page is viewed by the visitors on site. When visitor refreshes a web page, the page view gets recorded.

What are segments?

Segments in GA are used to define the subset of data in overall data. For example, you can create a segment for paid traffic, organic, social, direct, referral, etc.

Is the data change once GA has processed the data?

NO, once the Google Analytics tracked the record, then it cannot be changed.

What do you know about goals & how many goals can we create in analytics?

A Goal is defined as the set of steps that created to track user’s activity on a site. This can be either purchasing of the products, creating a new account, email subscription, query form submission, etc..!

We can create up to 20 goals per web property.

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