Five super reasons you should include videos in your digital marketing strategy

In the world of digital marketing, adding video content to your digital marketing strategy can do you a lot of good. While it is a bit tricky than your other common digital marketing tactics but investing your time and finances in videos for your campaign will make sure that your content stands out amongst others and give you the edge that you require. The benefits of doing so are various. However, I have shortlisted five of the very best reasons why you should consider including videos in your digital marketing strategy.

  • Videos are better than texts:

I can list many reasons here why one would avoid reading even a paragraph that they come around on the internet the top of them being that people simply do not have the time. Surveys have shown that people will much rather prefer to watch a video than read an article containing the same information so you are much likelier to get your word across to your targeted consumer. Studies also show that people watching a high-quality video are more confident while considering a purchasing decision than an e-mail pitch because they feel like spammers won’t have the time and or the finance available to create said video.

  • Videos have a farther reach:

Top search engines like Google or Bing often prefer webpages that feature video content over those that don’t. This means that if you feature a video rather than a written article on your site, you are likelier to get a higher number of visitors which then can be turned into potential customers. On top of that, these search engine rank the websites for time spent of them by a user and the higher the time spent would be, the higher your website will be placed on the search result.

  • Videos will engage more users:

According to studies, users are five times likelier watch a video and share/comment on it than they are to other media. Videos will also make sure that even the laziest of your targeted consumers get your pitch and the probability of them responding to that pitch goes up. In this modern day and age, people often don’t have time to read lengthy articles and the ones that do often skim through. You don’t want that since they can miss out on important details and you will miss out on a probable customer, so videos make sure that even the tiniest details are thoroughly explained.

  • Videos are mobile-friendly:

It is a known fact by now that almost everyone uses a mobile device. Studies have shown that people watch ninety percent of videos on their phone. Mobile phones or other portable devices are not so comfortable to read on so most of the time, people will decide to give written article a skip. That is not a problem with videos since not only people are likelier to come across a shared video while browsing the internet on their phone but they are also likelier to watch these videos on their portable devices as compared to watching them on a computer or TV screen.

  • Videos are the future:

Venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins reports that videos account for almost 75 percent of online traffic and increasing. This should be reason enough to start adding videos to your digital marketing campaign today. With people using social networking sites increasing day by day, videos will make sure that your content reaches out to the people in an effective and efficient manner while also having a higher chance of consumer respondents.

Shawn Marshall is the father of two little girls. He is a digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. He regularly shares her bright ideas on

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