How to Earn Money from Blog Online Step by Step

Hello friends, today I came up with more interesting topic that how we can earn money online. In this post we will cover, how to earn money from blog online. There are also other medium to make money online out there that you can use.

If you’re good in writing and creative mind to present information online, then blogging is a great way that you can share your skills and knowledge. As we know, blogging is one of the hot topic in online world where hundreds of bloggers making or earning money from a blog or website.

Here, in this post will cover about the blog creation, running successful blog, driving traffic and will later try to share about the Google Adsense approval for a site and blog.

Start To Make or Earn Money from a Blog Online

Let’s discuss some basic question!!!

Define a Blog?

A Blog is a personal site, where we can share personal information and knowledge to worldwide through blogging.

Who is the blogger?

Person having a blog or site and managing it in all way like writing & promoting online to get traffic is called as a blogger.

Step by step guide to earn money from blog online with blogging.

Let’s start steps by step by which you can earn money sitting at home. Read this post with simple and easy step by which you can become a successful blogger and make your own identity in the online world.

Select your best and informative blog topic

This is the crucial for having a blog. Before making a site, work on the industry that you want to focus and target user to share your content. Suppose if someone good in fashion industry, then he/she must have same industry blog to target fashion lover audiences.

There is no limit to target in a single industry; you can share as you like to share. Keep it precise, unique content and well informative.

Select Best Blogging Platform

There lot of free blogging platform that you can get over the internet. These are also known for micro-blogging site. As some of the free platforms available for blogging online like WordPress and blogger which also known as well.

If you’re new in blog creation, its best advice to start with these free blogging platform. All you need to register with an email. Just like, where you need to create an account and select a free domain name containing their domain name like

Buy a domain name from Best Provider

A domain is a name of your website which represents the address of your website. Without addressing no one can visit. It is barely like your home address. Example-, you can choose TLD like .net, .com, .org,, etc. You can purchase your domain and web hosting from Big Rock, Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. if you don’t want to buy a domain you can also run free domain on or

Get proper Design your blog (Theme) appropriately

The layout & design play a very important role in your successful blog. You can make it simple and proper designed. By the way, I recommend you to use simple theme which helps your blog to load fast. You can use pre-design template and theme which is easily available in WordPress and blogger.

Add important pages to your blog.

Do create these important pages on your blog, let’s see the pages examples.

  • About us: on this page, give some details about you and your blog.
  • Contact us: on this page give your contact information and you can also you contact form.
  • Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy policy: on this page you have to give privacy detail of your page.

Publish Good article and post.

Do publish unique content, as search engines give more preference to well informative and unique contents that would be useful for the users. Do publish on regular basis as search engine loves more frequently updated sites.

Do online marketing and branding of your blog

This is an important work to implement, develop and build your business as a brand and do online marketing. For branding, design your business site unique, makes a unique logo, add a favicon. Be sure about social integration on your website and keep updating on social media sites like Facebook, Google+ & twitter.

Learn Search Engine Optimization

Go for SEO, learn basic search engine optimization that will improve your site visibility and drive organic traffic on your blog. There’re certain more topics to cover in SEO you can browse here some of our previous published posts to get in advanced in Search engine ranking.

Monetize your site or blog

This is the topic that we all looking for and searching how to earn money from blog online? There are many methods you can earn money from a blog. Here on my blog, I use Google Adsense to make money online, you can also use other ad networks, affiliate marketing. You can also opportunities to earn money by delivering sales, sponsored reviews, merchandise, business boards, paid positions, email marketing and by selling your blog. Total earning can measure directly to the total number of visitors on your site.

I hope you like this post, through this post I have shared about to make a blog and earn money from blogging. I’ll come up with more information to become pro in making money online from a blog.

So thanks for keeping interest in reading the post!

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