How to Create a Google Tag Manager Account

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Today in this post, you will learn about how to create a Google Tag Manager (GTM) to crack to any specific activities happening on your site. Before, moving ahead you must understand, what is Google Tag Manager, how it works and the importance to use.

In these days, many successful businesses are using this module as it is easy to use and deploy any marketing snippets on a website. It does not require tedious code editing works that earlier dependent on a developer.

So, want to learn how to create a Google Tag Manager Account?

Let’s dive in…!

To create your own GTM account, follow the step by step instruction below:

Step 1) Go to Google Search engine, type Google Tag Manager. In case, you did not know the exact URL to use GTM.

google tag manager search

Step 2) Sing in – Click on SING in option on the page that opened on your browser

gtm sign in option

Step 3) Click on “Tag Manager” the second option on the drop-down menu as you can see the highlighted on below image.

tag manager click option

Step 4) it will redirect to the login page where you can log in with your Gmail account. You don’t have a Gmail account then create a new one.

Step 5) once you logged in, click to create an account

Step 6) fills the option to set up a GTM account for your site. You can give your business name as an account name and choose the country that you’re living in. Then, click on the continue button.

fill the details gtm

Step 7) Next step is to set up Container, give your website URL as a container name.  There you have four platforms such as Web, iOS, Android and AMP to deploy container.  As of now, I opted for the web, you could use as per your need. Then click on “Create button”.

gtm container

Step 8) Accept terms of the agreement by clicking “YES” in order to create a GTM profile.

gtm terms

Step 9) the most important step to create a successful Google Tag Manager account…! Once you accepted the terms of an agreement, a pop will come out, containing script code that you need to paste on your website to install Google Tag Manager properly.

install google tag manager code

Note: There will be two codes, first with script tag that you need to add between the <head > section of the site. Second, is with <noscript> that need to paste after the opening <body> tag.

That’s all; you’ve successfully created your own GTM account.

Hope you find it useful, don’t forget to share your questions or any query in the comment section. Stay tuned for the new Google Tag Manager tutorial.

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