Create a Killer Display PPC Advertising or Ads

We’re earlier discussed about the basic PPC tutorial for Beginners and crucial factors in aspect of creating a successful Pay Per Campaign. Here I’m today going to share important points to create a killer Display PPC advertising or ads which will make you to run successful ppc campaign.

Before moving ahead, you need to understand about the marketing and industry that your business belongs. You should to do some research and learn the latest marketing trends that users follows.

Display PPC Advertising Market & Audience Research

Make a list of the listed points which will important for the PPC campaign

  • Find the number of people using services that the sellers are selling
  • What is the budget for the advertising?
  • What does the user need?
  • Why do the people need this product or service?

Do Keyword Research for Perfect PPC Advertising

As we all know, how important is keywords for organic search and paid searching as well. So, do research and finalize some list of keywords that can make you for better ROI.

Find out the following:

  • Users that looking for the products and services online.
  • Products and services offered by the other seller.
  • Similar products price offered by the other sellers.
  • Relevant keywords for each products and services.
  • Keywords cost to bid for pay-per-click advertising.
  • Analyse competitor keywords search.

Build your First Display Pay-Per-Click Ad

Let’s start to create display PPC campaign ads.

  • Click on + sign for a new campaign

New Display Network Campaign

  • Select the Display Network type

Display campaign type

There you’ll see, 5 number of campaign goals like Sales, Leads, Website traffic, product and brand consideration and Brand awareness & reach. Let suppose, you want brand awareness for your company, click on given brand awareness link.

brand awareness

  • Enter your business website link

website url

  • Give the campaign name
  • Set your targeted location
  • Select the languages your customers speak
  • Choose bidding type as available Target CPA, Maximize Clicks, Viewable CPM and Manual CPC
  • Set Daily budget

There’re certain more advanced points which will cover up in next tutorial, at present this is best for a PPC beginner to start with.

After completing the campaign section, fill up in the Ad group section, Name it and create your first ad by clicking on +New Ad.

Create new ad

Select responsive ad, now the most important come to play!

Here you’ll see to fill some information about your advertising like

  • Short headline which need to be under the 25 characters
  • Long headline, you can use 90 characters
  • Put your ad description under the 90 characters
  • Put the business name
  • Add final url which should be your landing page

Note: Add two image in landscape and square dimension

Final step, once you completed all points click on create campaign. It will go under the review and reviewed by the Google’s team that takes one for ad approval.

Hope you all enjoyed reading display ad creation tutorial. Keep re-visit for more advanced topics!

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