what is social selling

Social Selling consists of identifying and contacting prospects on social networks in order to convert them into customers. That’s for the simple definition of Social Selling. If you stop at this one, you won’t get any results. So what exactly is Social Selling and how to do it? Let’s see that now. No offense to some experts, Social Selling is not just about creating profiles on social networks and sending typical copy/paste prospecting messages. I have seen trainers or speakers present Social Selling in this way. It is therefore not…

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Is Facebook Ads & Email Marketing are the perfect combination to grow fasten Business?

Is Facebook Ads & email marketing are the best to use to grow business?

Do you want an effective way to get more prospects? How to nurture leads into getting customers? In this, you will learn how Facebook ads & email advertising to boost your conversions rate. How email advertising drives more traffic to your content? If we are from the digital field then knows the importance of email marketing. After all, email promotion is the best investment in the marketing field. Content advertising, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads and social media are all helping entrepreneurs to achieve their objectives. In recent research, a small business…

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Important Advantages & Disadvantages of Facebook for Business

advantages & disadvantages of facebook business page

Whether you’re a regular user or a new one of using social media, you cannot refuse to believe that Facebook has a tremendous user engagements and reach. As particularly on Facebook, over billion of active users on daily which gives you opportunities to reach targeted users. So, if you don’t have a well established FB business page, here you’ll find how to create a new Facebook page for you business. This is our 2nd article about Facebook tutorial; where you will learn importance of running a FB page. In case you missed the 1st one, just visit on the above…

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Interesting Social Media Facts You Need to Know

Social Media Facts

We all understand how the social media marketing is effective for any business growth these days. Especially for a small and medium sized businesses. Social media has been a powerful tool in the digital marketing that plays a vital role in brand awareness, generating website traffic and revenue as well since last decade. As per the survey, we came to know that we nearly spend 2 hours a day on social networks. That’s the power of social platforms that’s keep the users fall in love with the content shared over…

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Top 5 Tools to Handle Your Social Media Campaigns

Tools to Handle Your Social Media Campaigns

Social media can be really overwhelming at times, especially when you are trying to manage your agency’s social media accounts or managing the accounts of other business. Creating content, engaging with followers, scheduling shares, repurposing content, community management, sharing others’ content…the list could never last. Managing social media at scale becomes convenient when you have social media management tools to assist you and improve the efficiency of your actions so that you can get better results with time. See, implementing social media strategy can help in your SEO efforts The…

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3 Social Media Strategy Can Help Your SEO Efforts

social media strategy

There has been lot of articles and posts about how social profiles, SMO and social media strategy can affect positively in the improvement of SEO, site visibility and keyword rankings. As we know, about the much known 2014 video by the former Google engineer “Matt Cutt” refuted the idea about social indications was chunk of the site ranking algorithm. More than Bing, Google confutes that Twitter and Facebook posts are direct search ranking factors. Let’s look at top 3 ways you can include social media platform into your SEO works to…

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Facebook Post Image Size and Dimension Guidelines

facebook image size

When it’s comes to promote business over the Social Networking sites, then Facebook is one of the great platform for the brand promotion, products & services,  video or news update. There are certain rules for the post like, Facebook post image size. In this post, we’re going to discuss in detail about all types of Facebook post and its all dimension. Note: According to the survey, there are over 2.01 billion monthly active users. It is one of the World’s largest social site. Posting with bad image could make negative…

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