Important Advantages & Disadvantages of Facebook for Business

Whether you’re a regular user or a new one of using social media, you cannot refuse to believe that Facebook has a tremendous user engagements and reach.

As particularly on Facebook, over billion of active users on daily which gives you opportunities to reach targeted users. So, if you don’t have a well established FB business page, here you’ll find how to create a new Facebook page for you business.

This is our 2nd article about Facebook tutorial; where you will learn importance of running a FB page. In case you missed the 1st one, just visit on the above link to know about page creation.

Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Business Page

Important advantages of Facebook business pages include:

  • Brand awareness: When it comes to brand or product promotion, Facebook plays an essential role to gain maximum exposure to reach potential users. According to Satista, With 2.41 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2019, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide.
  • Build Trust and Brand Value: With simple means of using world famous platform you can easily build brand value by sharing your thoughts, products, services, and most important getting “FEEDBACK” directly from customers.
  • Increase Web traffic: Though social traffic is not considered as a ranking factor, but direct traffic from such network definitely helps in brand reputation and consideration.
  • Easy to target with advertising: With Facebook advertising you can target very specific location, interest base, customer behaviour, demographics, etc. There are a number of ads option offers by FB like Boos posts, reach, brand awareness, traffic, lead generation, videos, conversion, etc.
  • Customer Interaction and Feedback: FB allows great way of communication between businesses and their customers. You can use the FB messaging service to deal directly with buyers or purchasers. Reviews and comments can be a great way to gather customer feedback and find areas for improvement.
  • Monitor and improve: Analyse Facebook insight to understand user behaviour and engagement on your business page. It will give analytical report to plan for the future.

Disadvantages of Facebook for business

Despite of plenty of benefits, it must to aware about some negative or disadvantages of Facebook business page.

  • Time:  Creating and maintaining a Page require proper time. You should have well established page by providing all details about your business products and services.
  • Resources: You’ll require a knowledgeable person who can handle it properly. Someone who can take care of your business page by creating engaging contents.
  • Skills: The staff member who manages your Facebook page may need a proper training to ensure they have the perfect skills. They should be able to plan and create content, respond to inquiries and complaints, and effectively represent your business.
  • Budget: To make the most of Facebook, you will probably need to invest in paid-for advertising. This will require its own budget.
  • Negative feedback:  It is important to reply back when a customer raise questions on your products or services publicly. This can make you or break you! So, you’ve to take care of all negative feedbacks or complaints.


Hope this post, helped you to understand about Facebook benefits and disadvantage! In order to increase brand awareness or promotion, get consult with a person having perfect knowledge and understanding of social platforms. You can just create simple page and fill important details at initial. Do not start FB advertising without having knowledge and objectives to achieve.

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