The Biggest Contribution of PPC for Growth of Business

Biggest Contribution of PPC for Growth of Business

PPC or Pay per Click Advertising, definitely if you belong to the digital world, then you must have heard this word in and around a couple of times. But the thing is are you making its best use of your business, or you are still practicing the conventional SEO techniques and are managing to make just enough profits? There is a tough competition out there and everyone is fighting to get even an inch space online. So, why are you heading back? Believe me, PPC advertising can be a great…

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Top Google Analytics Questions & Answers

Google Analytics Questions & Answers

If you’re a digital marketer and going for a senior level interview, there’re most possibilities to ask basic and advanced Google Webmasters and Google Analytics Questions & Answers. Here we collected the most comprehensive Google Analytics Questions and Answers that commonly asked in the interview. Top Google Analytics Questions & Answers for all time What is Google Analytics? It is a free analytics software used to track the traffic and popularity of a site. This is one of the important platforms which is provided by Google that helps digital marketers…

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