High PR Web 2.0 Sites List | Web 2.0 Submission Websites

web 2.0 sites

We’re come up with another important off page optimization activity called Web 2.0 sites list. It is as important as we practicing business listing, profile creation, social bookmarking, article submission, press release, blog commenting, etc. Let see the benefits of Web 2.0 sites list Web 2.0 sites list helps for keywords ranking Getting more traffic Increasing backlink Web 2.0 sites list reduced cost Free blogging platform Here, we’re compiled complete do follow high authority Web 2.0 websites list. Check out the following list of web 2.0 sites and learn quick way of…

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180+ High PR Directory Submission Sites list

Directory Submission Sites list

Welcome to the free directory submission sites list. All listed directories are great for the ethical link building task. Add or Submit your business website in the given below list. It is still a great way to get backlinks from the high PR directory submission websites. Things that you need for submission: • Title • Unique description • Email Id • Relevant Category • Keywords Just like high pr profile creation sites that we’ve shared last week for link building, we’re going to share best list of free directory submission…

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235+ Profile Creation Sites List Do Follow Link Building

Profile Creation Sites

When it comes to Off-page activity in SEO, Profile Creation Sites are great link building resources. It helps to increase brand awareness and getting much website traffic as well. There‘re 200+ actual high authority of business or personal high pr profile creation website list that you can use for the best link building services. Note: Take a research while using any site, it means be sure about their domain authority (DA), page authority (PA) and traffic as well. Only creating a business profile or individual page is not just going…

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Google Algorithm Updates | SEO updates History

Google Algorithm Updates

There’s a long history of SEO algorithm updates by Google search index changes and refreshes. Here are top Google algorithm updates that you need to know. Don’t miss the chance to learn these important resources. What is Google Hummingbird update? Google Hummingbird is the new as compare to Panda and Penguin updates. It is introduced on the 17th Sep of 2013. Reason behind to launch Google Hummingbird to make search engines more precise and fast. Its role is just not to show search matching a few words, it actually give…

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3 Social Media Strategy Can Help Your SEO Efforts

social media strategy

There has been lot of articles and posts about how social profiles, SMO and social media strategy can affect positively in the improvement of SEO, site visibility and keyword rankings. As we know, about the much known 2014 video by the former Google engineer “Matt Cutt” refuted the idea about social indications was chunk of the site ranking algorithm. More than Bing, Google confutes that Twitter and Facebook posts are direct search ranking factors. Let’s look at top 3 ways you can include social media platform into your SEO works to…

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Google Voice Search Available Now Worldwide

Google Voice Search

Google roll out the voice search to 21+ new different languages around the world. It is now accessible to more than billion users all over the globe. At present, Google voice search supports 119 different languages and more important it now also supports EMOJI language. Leading Voice Searches to Worldwide users Google says it is wonderful attempt to making honor different languages over the globe. Google’s full list of newly supported languages includes: Amharic (Ethiopia) Armenian (Armenia) Azerbaijani (Azerbaijani) Bengali (Bangladesh, India) English (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania) Georgian (Georgia) Gujarati…

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Facebook Post Image Size and Dimension Guidelines

facebook image size

When it’s comes to promote business over the Social Networking sites, then Facebook is one of the great platform for the brand promotion, products & services,  video or news update. There are certain rules for the post like, Facebook post image size. In this post, we’re going to discuss in detail about all types of Facebook post and its all dimension. Note: According to the survey, there are over 2.01 billion monthly active users. It is one of the World’s largest social sites. Posting with bad image could make difference…

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70+ Verified Free Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog

Free Blog Directories

In the modern era, most of have the blog page or a website. And we all want to be a successful blogger and earn money online by generating lots of traffic to the blog. This can be done, using free blog directories to submit your blog. This will help to give more blog exposure and increase traffic. Lets example, by submitting blog to top blog directories can help you in several ways You can reach to new audiences, that’s gives more exposure to your blog. Bring lots of targeted traffic.…

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70 Business Listing Sites USA | Local Business Directory

Business Listing Sites USA

You may found hundreds of free business listing sites online. But using high PR business directories website are quite useful for ranking a keyword. I mostly use below listed all free business listing sites for the local business submission services in the United States. If you’ve an USA based project and looking to target US market, don’t forget use .com or us (Top Level Domain) for the link buildings. See also, some other posts about Local and global business listing sites & Indian business listing websites. Here is the list…

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Google List of Stop Words in SEO

Google list of stop words

Stop words are words that come out so regularly in the web pages of the major sites that search engines like Google, would usually ignore them when indexing the words on the website’s page Here, we have come up with a complete list of Google list of stop words in SEO that Search Engine ignores. Letter: A able about above abroad according accordingly across actually adj after afterwards again against ago ahead ain’t all allow allows almost alone along alongside already also although always am amid amidst among amongst an…

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