Top 25 Microblogging Site List

Microblogging Site List

What is Microblogging? Most of the online users don’t like to read long articles or blogs, they want to get information at a fast pace. So, Microblogging sites come into existence. Microblogging is a way that enables a blogger to share short pieces of content over the internet to engage the readers. It’s not similar to general blogging that you do, but it is a medium of showcasing the collection of smaller content. There is the abundance of Microblogging sites list which helps readers and users to share content, images,…

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Mobile Search Ranking: Google Speed Update Rolling Out in July 2018

Google Speed Update Rolling Out in July 2018

Yet another big announcement by Google, making sure about better user experiences and keeping them exactly what they are looking for. As we know, for desktop search, the page speed of a site is very crucial as per the ranking factor. So, as per the Google announcement, from July 2018 page speed of a website will be an important ranking factor in mobile searches. Google Speed Update for Mobile This update will call the “Search Update”, and it will affect sites are slow in loading and bad user experiences. This…

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Five super reasons you should include videos in your digital marketing strategy

videos in your digital marketing strategy

In the world of digital marketing, adding video content to your digital marketing strategy can do you a lot of good. While it is a bit tricky than your other common digital marketing tactics but investing your time and finances in videos for your campaign will make sure that your content stands out amongst others and give you the edge that you require. The benefits of doing so are various. However, I have shortlisted five of the very best reasons why you should consider including videos in your digital marketing…

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The Biggest Contribution of PPC for Growth of Business

Biggest Contribution of PPC for Growth of Business

PPC or Pay per Click Advertising, definitely if you belong to the digital world, then you must have heard this word in and around a couple of times. But the thing is are you making its best use of your business, or you are still practicing the conventional SEO techniques and are managing to make just enough profits? There is a tough competition out there and everyone is fighting to get even an inch space online. So, why are you heading back? Believe me, PPC advertising can be a great…

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Top Google Analytics Questions & Answers

Google Analytics Questions & Answers

If you’re a digital marketer and going for a senior level interview, there’re most possibilities to ask basic and advanced Google Webmasters and Google Analytics Questions & Answers. Here we collected the most comprehensive Google Analytics Questions and Answers that commonly asked in the interview. Top Google Analytics Questions & Answers for all time What is Google Analytics? It is a free analytics software used to track the traffic and popularity of a site. This is one of the important platforms which is provided by Google that helps digital marketers…

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How to Create a Goal in Google Analytics to Track Conversions

How to Create goals in GA

Are you a beginner in Google Analytics or Webmaster? Do you want to learn about the Google Analytics? If yes, then is the best platform to enhance your webmasters skills. If you have a site and want to track all user activities and interaction on the website in the form of clicks, page views, inquiry submission, products order and etc. then you’ll need to setup and verify a Google Analytics tracking code by placing it between opening & closing head tags. Once you verified, you can create goals in analytics.…

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Top 5 Tools to Handle Your Social Media Campaigns

Tools to Handle Your Social Media Campaigns

Social media can be really overwhelming at times, especially when you are trying to manage your agency’s social media accounts or managing the accounts of other business. Creating content, engaging with followers, scheduling shares, repurposing content, community management, sharing others’ content…the list could never last. Managing social media at scale becomes convenient when you have social media management tools to assist you and improve the efficiency of your actions so that you can get better results with time. See, implementing social media strategy can help in your SEO efforts The…

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Benefits and Advantages of Using Search Engine Optimization

Benefits and Advantages of Using Search Engine Optimization

Whether you have a big brand or small, this article will let you know the benefits and advantages of using search engine optimization. Most organizations know that SEO is should have a successful business. There’re billions of searches per day on major search engines, especially on Father of Searches Machine: GOOGLE. If you really want for making better ROI for a company, it is essential to be found on Google. As many companies yet believe in the traditional ways of promoting and publicizing products or services to get potential customers,…

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What is Robots.txt & How to Use Robots Txt File

What is robots.txt file

I’ve seen lot for beginners get confused with using Robots.txt. It’s very basic to understand the importance of using robots txt for a site. So, are you looking forward to learn about it and how to optimize this for making search bots to access your important pages of the website? The first question that everyone should know, what is robots.txt and how to use robots txt file for site or blog? Read this post, will share all important aspects that you need to know about robots.txt file. What is robots.txt…

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Create a Killer Display PPC Advertising or Ads

Display PPC Advertising or Ads

We’re earlier discussed about the basic PPC tutorial for Beginners and crucial factors in aspect of creating a successful Pay Per Campaign. Here I’m today going to share important points to create a killer Display PPC advertising or ads which will make you to run successful ppc campaign. Before moving ahead, you need to understand about the marketing and industry that your business belongs. You should to do some research and learn the latest marketing trends that users follows. Display PPC Advertising Market & Audience Research Make a list of…

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