How to Create a Google Tag Manager Account

learn to create a google tag manager account

Hi users, Today in this post, you will learn about how to create a Google Tag Manager (GTM) to crack to any specific activities happening on your site. Before, moving ahead you must understand, what is Google Tag Manager, how it works and the importance to use. In these days, many successful businesses are using this module as it is easy to use and deploy any marketing snippets on a website. It does not require tedious code editing works that earlier dependent on a developer. So, want to learn how…

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Top 3 Free Keyword Research Tools to Help Plan Your New Website

Do you have a website and want rank on top search engines? As you know, there’s a lot that goes into the process for any website development right from designing to development, content creation to marketing strategy. If you want to see your site in top make sure that you should spend time keyword research in you niche to help your content strategy. In this article, I’m going to share all time available free and best keyword search tools which will help to shape you content strategies. With this free…

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Interesting Social Media Facts You Need to Know

Social Media Facts

We all understand how the social media marketing is effective for any business growth these days. Especially for a small and medium sized businesses. Social media has been a powerful tool in the digital marketing that plays a vital role in brand awareness, generating website traffic and revenue as well since last decade. As per the survey, we came to know that we nearly spend 2 hours a day on social networks. That’s the power of social platforms that’s keep the users fall in love with the content shared over…

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What Is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager

Introduction of GTM At first GTM was released on 1st October 2012, since then it is a very hot topic in the digital marketing era that how to use Google Tag Manager? Does it require developers to install? Should to have coding knowledge? As an expert in the Digital Marketer – Freelancer; encountered with many clients that they get confused about GTM – Google Tag Manager, why to use, benefits of using GTM, etc. Today, come up with basic Google Tag Manager Tutorial that every SEO practitioner must know. Here in this article you will learn about the GTM, what is a tag? How to use tag manager? Why to use GTM? What is…

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Ranking Signals that you need to know in 2018

SEO Ranking Signals

There’re lots of updates and ranking signal of a site and Google has been always come up with new ranking signal that you need to know in 2018. Let see some of the website ranking signal confirmed by the search engine year by year: HTTPS become a ranking signal in 2014. Mobile usability in 2015 becomes a ranking signal. NOW, in 2018 – Mobile webpage speed looks very crucial for a ranking signal that all we should to know. Below post will give an idea to evaluate and consider important…

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Top 25 Microblogging Site List

Microblogging Site List

What is Microblogging? Most of the online users don’t like to read long articles or blogs, they want to get information at a fast pace. So, Microblogging sites come into existence. Microblogging is a way that enables a blogger to share short pieces of content over the internet to engage the readers. It’s not similar to general blogging that you do, but it is a medium of showcasing the collection of smaller content. There is the abundance of Microblogging sites list which helps readers and users to share content, images,…

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Mobile Search Ranking: Google Speed Update Rolling Out in July 2018

Google Speed Update Rolling Out in July 2018

Yet another big announcement by Google, making sure about better user experiences and keeping them exactly what they are looking for. As we know, for desktop search, the page speed of a site is very crucial as per the ranking factor. So, as per the Google announcement, from July 2018 page speed of a website will be an important ranking factor in mobile searches. Google Speed Update for Mobile This update will call the “Search Update”, and it will affect sites are slow in loading and bad user experiences. This…

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Five super reasons you should include videos in your digital marketing strategy

videos in your digital marketing strategy

In the world of digital marketing, adding video content to your digital marketing strategy can do you a lot of good. While it is a bit tricky than your other common digital marketing tactics but investing your time and finances in videos for your campaign will make sure that your content stands out amongst others and give you the edge that you require. The benefits of doing so are various. However, I have shortlisted five of the very best reasons why you should consider including videos in your digital marketing…

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The Biggest Contribution of PPC for Growth of Business

Biggest Contribution of PPC for Growth of Business

PPC or Pay per Click Advertising, definitely if you belong to the digital world, then you must have heard this word in and around a couple of times. But the thing is are you making its best use of your business, or you are still practicing the conventional SEO techniques and are managing to make just enough profits? There is a tough competition out there and everyone is fighting to get even an inch space online. So, why are you heading back? Believe me, PPC advertising can be a great…

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Top Google Analytics Questions & Answers

Google Analytics Questions & Answers

If you’re a digital marketer and going for a senior level interview, there’re most possibilities to ask basic and advanced Google Webmasters and Google Analytics Questions & Answers. Here we collected the most comprehensive Google Analytics Questions and Answers that commonly asked in the interview. Top Google Analytics Questions & Answers for all time What is Google Analytics? It is a free analytics software used to track the traffic and popularity of a site. This is one of the important platforms which is provided by Google that helps digital marketers…

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