Google Voice Search Available Now Worldwide

Google Voice Search

Google roll out the voice search to 21+ new different languages around the world. It is now accessible to more than billion users all over the globe. At present, Google voice search supports 119 different languages and more important it now also supports EMOJI language. Leading Voice Searches to Worldwide users Google says it is wonderful attempt to making honor different languages over the globe. Google’s full list of newly supported languages includes: Amharic (Ethiopia) Armenian (Armenia) Azerbaijani (Azerbaijani) Bengali (Bangladesh, India) English (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania) Georgian (Georgia) Gujarati…

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Facebook Post Image Size and Dimension Guidelines

facebook image size

When it’s comes to promote business over the Social Networking sites, then Facebook is one of the great platform for the brand promotion, products & services,  video or news update. There are certain rules for the post like, Facebook post image size. In this post, we’re going to discuss in detail about all types of Facebook post and its all dimension. Note: According to the survey, there are over 2.01 billion monthly active users. It is one of the World’s largest social site. Posting with bad image could make negative…

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